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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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Photo tour, photography workshop and breathtaking photo experiences with our local AlterNative professionals.

Discover the world of AlterNative Photo!

London – Street Photography Workshop

Find an alternative way to discover famous locations with our professional photographers, enter the world of street photography or learn more about it with this workshop.
This workshop will not only help you to get your hands dirty with street photography, it will also help you to become a better and more confident photographer.

Away there exists lots of stories that are waiting to be narrated.
Take the camera and let’s go!

CetaceanWatching – Photo Introduction Experiences

Discover the world of sea mammals in their own habitat.
Sail with us on our partners’ boats and take the chance of photographing spectacular creatures in the wild, learn how to approach with them and with the adverse conditions of wild photography, finding the beauty and the majesty of animals’ freedom.

Amsterdam – Street Photography Workshop

Street Photography, a genre that let you records the daily public life.
A workshop to let you learn street photography tips and tricks, to introduce you on how to approach with the everyday life of different cities.
Practice in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and with the help and the support of our AlterNative professional photographer discover the hidden spots of this city!

Improve your skills, find new inspiration and learn new tricks.
Discover the world with a new eye!

Racing and automotive photography workshop

Study and discovery the world of automotive sports photography with this workshop, intended for enthusiasts and professionals with a desire to deepen their knowledge and skills in this area.

Choose the destination
just right for your next photo experience

To improve your photography skills with our photo tour, workshop and expeditions with one of our local professional photographers or video-makers
Boats sailing on London's canal

London London

London AlterNative Photo Experience

Join an AlterNative photo tour or workshop in London, U.K.

Explore the City with an AlterNative professional photographer to discover secret spots and get the most of your travel photography.


Amsterdam AlterNative Photo Experience

Fancy for something different?

Take a different view of one of the most iconic cities in Europe: Amsterdam and improve your photo skills with our AlterNative local professional photographers.

Amsterdam tipical houses near canal with boats

Amsterdam Amsterdam

Genova Genova

Genova AlterNative Photo Experience

From the mountains deep down into the ligurian sea.

Let yourself be amazed by the richness of the AlterNative homeland. Culture, nature, tradition and wildlife photography from the mountains to the sea.

view of Cinque Terre, Genova, Ligury, Italy, Europe

If you just
need a photo or video shooting: that's what we do!

Book the right professional for your budget, need and target.

Agency services for
emerging and established creative professionals

AlterNative photo agency works with freelancers and business helping them communicate their image and vision.





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``Our world has no borders`` ``Our world has no borders``

Honestly I’m not an easy person to take picture of. I always find the same expression in any photo of me so I wanted to try a professional shooting experience. The result was excellent! Chiara involved me in a very comfortable way without pushing my personality. We’ve passed some hours with good connection which made possible those shots where I can really see myself in. I’d suggest to anyone a photographic experience with Chiara because she is very passionate, involving, patient and extremely professional! Thanks Chiara for your great job!

By Francesca B.

AlterNative will give you the flexibility and the customization you’ve always been dreaming of.

By Christine R.

The alternative I was looking for.

By Donald R.

I've never been confident with the marketing part of my job, but now, thanks to AlterNative, I can finally focus on creativity!

By Valentina M.

I love to travel with my family, but we always faced the big issue of collecting great photos of us, all together. We have found AlterNative the best way to collect amazing pictures of our best moments! They helped us remember, and knowing that we can find them all over the world we will obviously contact them for our next trips!

By Sabrine O.

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