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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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Our story, our believes

AlterNative Story

Our story, our believes

Living the present moment

between our memories and our future

Each individual has a relevant story which can be told in many different ways. I’ve choose to use a media which is universally readable, doesn’t matter the language you are speaking: photography

And working as a photographer in different countries and situations gave to me the chance of understanding better the photographers and the and the client’s needs.

Now all the work I’ve done in the past years is assuming the shape of AlterNative Photo. AlterNative is a company based in Italy, which works with a network of professional photographers around the globe.

As a travel photo agencies we offer photographic services for privates and business. Thanks to our partnership with travel agencies and local tour operators we are able to offer multiple days photographic tours and expeditions.

Our professional photographers are great on what they do and they do it with passion, enthusiasm and love. They share our vision and they respect our planet.

We welcome photographer from any country, any culture, any traditions, any background. The photographer becomes also the link between our international customer and his own culture. We want our customer to fully experience Travel and photography both.

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Behind big ideas


AlterNative is a photographic agency, specialized in travel and destination photography.



We connect freelance photographers around the world with clients.

We connect the right people to the right client, offering photo and video services to business and privates.

Thanks to our partnerships with travel agencies and tour operators we are able to offer photographic tours, workshops and expeditions everywhere in the world.

We also offer online services to help passionate photographers becoming professional photographers.


We are based along the beautiful ligurian coast in Italy but our world has no borders! We work in many destinations around the globe and we are keen to discover new places and people.

From the history of photography to the latest news we would love to hear your experience!


“Take only pictures, leave only footprints”. We believe that “people has the power” to change our world and that we need to start “being the change we want to see out there”.  We don’t want to be original about that. What we want it’s being serious: following examples, being an example.


We know how to travel, the travel industry and its customers. And we know photography.

AlterNative provides high quality photography services all around the world both to businesses and to privates.

Business trips, commercial shootings, corporate meetings, conventions or events: companies can ask us for a service that suits their needs, goals and budget.

Or you may need our help to immortalize special personal moments such as your wedding or your honeymoon, holidays with your loved ones or the birth of a new life.

We also offer online services to anyone who wants to improve his photography skills with one of our international professionals or just ask for advice and suggestions.


Following a photographic tours with a local professional photographer means that you’ll discover a place taking beautiful memories of it.

Our workshops are thought to respond the photographer’s needs: from beginners to advanced we offer a wide range of experiences and contents to improve technique and skills. We also offer online photo-portfolio reviews and online tutoring.

A photographic expeditions is a unique event where a professional photographer and a local guide will show you the treasure of his country. From wildlife, to traditions and local cultures each destination will amaze you in a different way!


We work potentially everywhere in the world and we are always looking for expanding our orizon.

Our favourite destinations are full of culture, wildlife, traditions, beautiful landscapes and unicity but also we love the jungle of the big city.


AlterNative works with several professional photographers around the world. Each has his own background, story and approach to photography, they are good, they are happy to help you through your journey with photography.

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Use our dedicated e-mail address:

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