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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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About us, about you

The AlterNomad Crew

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About us, about you


Our people, our programs, our media

The AlterNomad project is a project sponsored by AlterNative Photo, based on sharing and exchanging our experiences about travel and photography. It’s a community, it’s a blog, it’s an editorial, it’s a place where our common intents are shared. Our idea is to connect people with different realities, cultures, traditions, landscape.

AlterNomad is what we believe in, it’is based on our interests, our knowledge. It’s our way to make information, breaking down borders and prejudices. We want to explore the world, learning and giving to others the chance of seeing what we see, to hear what we are listening at and to meet the people that we meet along our way.

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Our people are travel and/or photography enthusiasts, based enywhere in the world.


The community is the place to share and exchange: visions, ideas, knowledge and get help.

Our workboard is a secret group where only those whom successfully applied are admitted.


Agents and professional can apply for our Mind in travel program. It’s based on a win to win idea and it’s completely flexible in terms of time, it’s a plus on the agent’s service and offer.


Our AlterNomad can partecipate to our Share the love program: a collection of points to get reserved discounts and win special prizes for you and your loved ones. It’s dedicated to brand ambassador, volunteers and influencers.


Our blog is the place to talk about the passions that we’ve in common, to put our people under the spotlight, to go deeply through topics and issues.

We talk about photography, we talk about travel and we talk about us. Everything is in between is welcomed to be shared.

Our blog is made by the AlterNative staff and by the efforts of our AlterNomad community.

Check our topics to discover more about our contents.


Once every three months we will publish an editorial with the best articles posted.

In detail, for each editorial, we will post:

  • An editorial
  • Our latest news
  • Coming tours, workshops and expeditions

will choose one article of:

  • Spotlight on one of our photographers: interview + photographer’s photos.
  • Spotlight on one of our AlterNomad: interview. The subject is a community choice.
  • Spotlight on one of our destinations: 
  • Reportage of our past tours: articles + photos

And one or more articles about:

  • Photography: history, news, genre, tips & tricks, tutorial etc.
  • Conservation and travel: wildlife, responsable tourism, culture (traditions, local communities etc.)
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