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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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AlterNative Affiliate Application

Commissions & benefits for professionals

AlterNative Photo

Travel Photography and Video Production Agency.

Why apply with AlterNative

AlterNatives works with a network of independent professionals and agencies and agents all around the world, we are always keen to evaluate new cooperations for our affiliate program.

AlterNative believes in people.

Enrolling to our affiliate program, Mind in travel you’ll be part of an exclusive team of affiliates with access to a dedicated discounts for you and your clients, earning the highest percentage of commissions on the market, up to the 10%. You’ll be able to decide how much time you want to work and how.

You’ll have access to our website where you’ll be able to communicate with us, as well as find contents and resources.

Selling our Photo Services and Photo Experiences means that you’ll also be able to accumulate points to get special prizes and discounts, partecipating to our share the love referral program.

Our best contributors will have the chance to win special prizes, partecipate to our tours for free and being invited to our exclusive exhibitions.

To check our missions, points, prizes and commissions, please, visit Mind in travel page and our  Affiliates F.A.Q. page to see all the details and advantages of a partnership with AlterNative!

Personal reports

Payment options

Real time updates

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Win to win situation

10% commissions.

Benefits & prizes

Great support

You are AlterNative!

You are the ground staff of AlterNative and therefore you represent the company, you are the image, the person that embodies it, In turn you have to truly believe in AlterNatives principles and values pertaining towards responsible and sustainable tourism, from both moralistic and ethical aspects.

Our best collaborators will get the opportunity to partecipate to our experiences and other events, as well as discounts for them and their clients.

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F.A.Q. F.A.Q.

Affiliates Application


Passionate travel agents and businesses but also wedding planners, marketers and professional bloggers are just examples of our affiliate partners. Any of those who loves AlterNative phisolophy and activities and share a target with it is welcome to check our proposal.


To enroll in our Mind in travel, affiliate program you need to be a professional able to deliver invoices, have your own devices and internet connection and being enthusiastic about AlterNative services.


Doesn’t matter if you already have your own solid based of clients and partners or if you want to grow with us: our people are based worldwide, they have different lifestyle, hobbies and jobs but they all have in common our believes and our subjects.


  • Professionals with at least 2 years of professional experience working with paying clients.
  • You must have your own equipment (Laptop and good wi-fi connection)
  • Excellent communication skills (fluent English is imperative)
  • Customer caring attitud.
  • Knowledge and passion about working within the commercial field.
  • Conservationist, outdoor, nature and extreme sports enthusiasts are welcome.

Who’s this for?

Wedding planners

Private event organisers

Business event organisers

Travel agents

Professional bloggers

Photography shops

Hotels, resorts

Tour operators

Online marketers

Commercial agents

Photography clubs & schools

And more!

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Fill the form with a direct link to your online portfolio and some info about you. This is the only way to apply.

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Selection process

Our team review your application and if you are suitable they will get back to you within 7 working days.

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Affiliate Platform

A dedicated affiliate platform with your profile, dashboard and personal work-board

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Your profile

Update your profile, your portfolio and your information and show off your best.

High principles and believe

We as AlterNative hold high principles and we believe in the fundamental aspects of responsible and sustainable tourism, the management and the employees embody these values and hold them to the highest of standards so that we can exchange these values between people, communities and the places.


To preserve, to learn and to grow. AlterNative wants our clients to come away not only with an experience of a lifetime but with new found knowledge, inspired by such, as our tours are educational, to the environment and the social and cultural traditions. We aim to make all parties involved a positive influence and this is what makes AlterNative.
It starts with us.

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Contributors application and contributors application
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