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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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AlterNative Launch

AlterNative Launch

AlterNative Launch

AlterNative Photography launches a new approach to the travel photography industry

The first travel photography hub to help talented photographers and video-makers build scalable and cost effective AlterNative solutions.

Meanwhile it offers photo formation, support and breathtaking photographic experience around the world.

Every two minutes, as many photos are taken as were produced in the whole of the 19th Century!





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Over the last hundred years, human progress has been recorded and documented by photography. As a result, this field has undergone rapid development, and continues to be a focus for groundbreaking technical and digital advances.



The role of the photographer has radically changed too, as developments in technique and equipment bring new challenges. The contemporary photographer must master skills from a variety of fields: marketing, editing, manipulation, copy-writing, and at times, even psychology!



AlterNative makes it easier for photographers to do what they were born to do: photography.

AlterNative is a photography agency specializing in travel and destination photography. Through a wide range of services and photo experiences, it connects a worldwide network of photographers with the right clients.

Travel is becoming ever more popular and accessible to all. Only a couple of decades ago, travelling was a luxury for the few; nowadays the growth rate is exploding in every area of the travel market, including business trips, honeymoons and weekend getaways.



With a worldwide network of professionals, AlterNative Photography can cover any photography or video needs with ease. It is a one stop shop for clients looking for high quality photography services related to the travel and tourism field, whether public or private entities.

Professionals from a multitude of backgrounds and with diverse skill sets help clients to discover and experience the unique culture and patrimony of numerous destinations around the world.

AlterNative approaches the italian reality with an international perspective, conscious that photography is a language, universally understood, and that anyone can be a teacher in their own field, regardless of borders or boundaries.


AlterNative focuses on photography as much as on travel: with experience in both fields and a network of national and international partnerships with travel agencies and tour operators, it is able to cover a diverse range of assignments on a global scale.


Thanks to the AlterNative vision, travel photography has become a philosophy, promoting individuality without losing its global market focus.

AlterNative has also become a hub for the training and mentor-ship of amateur photographers, aspiring photographers and even professionals.

It helps people to progress their careers, offering training to all levels of photographers and amateurs.

Its photo workshop and innovative services such as online photo portfolio reviews and tutorship programs are 100% customizable.

AlterNative’s wide range of photographic services for individuals and businesses fill an evident niche in the market, offering clients an easy way to find, plan and create high-quality photo, video and drone solutions in their local area, in order to create the perfect image for their needs.

AlterNative photo experiences are designed to improve photography skills and technique, and to develop the ability to recognize the unique aspects of each location.




AlterNative’s professionals are all local to each destination, and are eager to share their knowledge and passion for their home through tours and workshops.

Being a professional photographer in 2019 means being a great marketer too, as well as dealing with other tasks besides shooting and editing.

AlterNative allows photographers to concentrate on creating fantastic images by helping out with the burden of analyzing, marketing, planning, booking, and customer care that is so essential in the travel photography industry.

«Our world has no borders»

says the founder Chiara Battistini.

«We break down cultural barriers and prejudices. Our organisation mirrors our mission.»


–   AlterNative is also launching its AlterNomad project, a community of photographers, travellers and influencers who are transforming the company mission and vision into narrated content. In addition, it will provide a business opportunity for agencies and professionals who share the same point of view.  –

Take only pictures.

Leave only footprints. ” 




AlterNative is open to discussing ideas and proposals with the goal of building new partnerships. It is also happy to consider applications from independent freelancers.




For further details, images or interviews please contact:

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