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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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AlterNomads F.A.Q.

All you need to know


What's AlterNative

AlterNative is a travel photo agency.

We connect freelance photographers around the globe with clients.

We are specialized in travel and destination photography but our photographers have different backgrounds and skills, meaning that we are able to cover a big variety of services.

What type of services do you sell?

  • Photographic tours:

from one day up to 14 days

  • Photographic workshops:

from one day up to 7 days

  • Photographic expeditions:

1-3 weeks

  • Private tours:

based on existing tours (same photographer, same location, same calendar)

  • Tailor made tours and workshops

On request

  • Personal photo services:

destination weddings, private holidays, honey moon, travel and cultural related events, engagements etc…

  • Business photo services:

Services (photo, video, aerials, editing…) for companies, N.G.O., institutions etc.


Can I get an example of a standard photo services?

There isn’t a standard photo service.

What do you mean with ``Online Services``?

We offer online services for those who want to improve their photographic skills without stressing about time, 100% customizable and a lot cheaper than a traditional workshop.

In details:

Portfolio reviews: our photographer will analyse our client photo portfolio and it will base on it a 1 to 1 online meeting based on requests and needs.

Online tutoring: 1, 3, 5 or 10 hours of 1 to one online meeting where one of our professional photographers will work between theory and practice, on the customer’s work.

What do you mean with ``Business Services``?

Photo, video and drone shootings for business trips, commercial shootings, corporate meetings, conventions or events: we can arrange the package that suits the client’s needs, goals and budget.

What do you mean with ``Personal Services``?

Destination weddings, honeymoon, holidays with family or friends… We offer private reportage, video, photo books and destination shootings for couples, singles, families or groups.

We can also arrange private and customized tours and workshops.


Can I get an example of standard tour?

There isn’t a standard tour!

Let us expand on that, though. We like to say that as a company owned by photographers if we were not running these tours, we’d want to be participants on our tours.

We have high standards, just like you. We love adventure, just like you. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into the next gourmet meal, you guessed it… just like you. We also want to have incredible moments that are shared with like-minded travellers with a passion for photography. We want to visit historic sites, marvel at natural wonders, view epic art, take part in local culture, and celebrate life along the way.

How many people for each group?

The maximum group size for all tours is 8 partecipants. However for in location workshop it may be up to 15, depending on subjects and requirements.

Private tours & tailor made experiences are based on clients request.

Expeditions can be different as they depends on other factors.

Some cases will involve also local guides and photographer assistant and/or tour manager (mostly for expeditions).

By the way our online shop is built to tell you how many rooms are left for each product.

Remember that we can also arrange private tours and workshops for groups. In that case just call us and we will arrange it!

What is an expedition and how is it built?

Only AlterNative Photo designs a photo expedition in partnership with its travel agencies and local tour operator.

They are a minimum of a week up to 22 days; usually intense and intensive experiences and they require particular skills, knowledge and physical conditions.

Only main photographers can run expeditions.

What is a photo tour and how is it built?

We offer daily and multiple days tours, up to 5 days.

AlterNative Photo designs multiple days tours in partnership with its travel agencies and local tour operator. We can or cannot includes accommodation but we never includes flights.

What is a photo workshop and how is it built?

We offer daily and multiple days workshops, up to 5 days.

Our workshops are designed by photographer for photographers or for whom wish to improve their photography skills. They can be based on a specific genre of photography (example: underwater photography) or they can be focus on improving specific techniques (example: long exposure photography).

AlterNative Photo designs multiple days workshops in partnership with its travel agencies and local tour operator. We can or cannot includes accommodation but we never includes flights.

How do you choose photographer for the expeditions?

AlterNative Photo choose one (or more) main photographer, once per year, for its expeditions, based on: previous experiences, clients reviews, level of activity within the company and required skills.

AlterNative might choose active photographers if there are none main photographers available.

Do your tours include airfare?

Our daily or multiple days tours don’t include any airfare for both, photographers and clients.

If needed we have travel agents partners and they can take care to help in booking flights and accommodation.


What's AlterNomad?

AlterNomad is a project sponsored by AlterNative. It’s a community, a place to share our passions and to spread the love for travelling and photographing.

What's ``Share the Love`` program?

“Share the love” is a program for brand ambassadors and social media influencers.
It’s based on a collection of points, where you earn points by completing missions.

How much does it cost to be an AlterNomad?

Zero! Nothing! It’s totally free to become an AlterNomad and to maintain the status, for both programs: “mind in travel” and “share the love”.


How can I reach you out?

You can always send us an e-mail at:

How can I stay updated about AlterNative and AlterNomad?

Once you’ve been selected your role on our website will turn into AlterNomad, from your dashboard you will be able to manage all your personal points and bio.
Since that moment you will be part of our exclusive AlterNomads list and you will receive all the news and the discounts directly on you email.

Why should I write articles for the blog?

You don’t have to but that’s a good way to make people knowing you!

Let people know something new, share your knowledge about the destinations or about photography.

And let everyone see and read the best moments of your last adventure!

Which contents can I share?

You can only post original contents, result of your own work.

The only possibility for uploading photos, videos and articles into our AlterNomad blog is by e-mail.

You can only upload media for your blog articles.

To see which kind of contents we are keen to share please visit our AlterNomad blog.

How do I upload an image or video?

The only possibility for uploading photos and videos into our website is by e-mail.

You can only upload media for your blog posts.

Who owns the copyright of my photos and videos?

By submitting a photograph to AlterNative Photo you warrant that you are the owner of the image, that you alone own the copyright, and that you have obtained any necessary third-party releases.

What is not ok to upload?

  • Any NSFW (not safe for work) images.
  • No medias in which you do not have copyright.
  • No medias in which you do not have license and/or all the releases.
  • No images that are under a conflicting or restrictive license elsewhere.


Why should I share the love?

Being an AlterNomad means that you are part of an active community, sharing our identity, latest news and believes and/or letting people travel with us. But it also means of having access to our products to an exclusive discounted rate.

If you are a passionate social media user you can enroll to our share the love collection of points, to earn gadgets, equipment, discounts on products, free photo tours, free travel and more.

What AlterNative does for me?

Special discounts for you and your friends, free photo tours, workshops,holidays, gadgets and much more!

Who can participate?

Whoever wish to spread the AlterNative’s word!
Brand ambassadors, social media influencers and enthusiasts.

If I work with AlterNative, can I work in other places too? Is AlterNative exclusive?

As long as you respect our terms and conditions you can work with as many companies as you like.

How can I leave AlterNative?

You can leave at any time, you just need to don’t have any tours scheduled and to communicate your decision at


There are 2 kind of missions you can complete in order to gain points.

  • The first is automatically detected by our system, updating your point score in real time.
  • The second kind of missions requires you to submit your mission (go to help panel and select mission submission) and a manual verification from our team. It may take up to 3 working days to update your rank.

To know more and to discover all the missions visit this page.


When you reach a certain number of points you can get amazing prizes signed AlterNative and AlterNomad.

You don’t need to “spend” your points, you just need to reach that stage so you don’t loose your rate.
We also have special prizes dedicated to our best contributors.

To know more about it and to discover all the prizes visit this page.

I've reached a certain number of points: how can I get my prize?

Require your chosen prize, sending an e-mail to


Where do I find my ``AlterNomad Dashboard``?

You can find your dashboard on your personal profile.

What's my ``AlterNomad Dashboard``?

It’s the place where you will manage our collaboration, dedicated section on our website designed for our AlterNomads.

How is the dashboard composed?

Its composed by:


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