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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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AlterNative contributors F.A.Q.

There are no stupid questions. Most of the time you just need a little push in the right direction.


How's the ideal candidate?

  • He/she has proven experience in photography and/or video-making and exceptional eye
  • Has several years of professional experience working with paying business e/o private clients
  • He/she is based one of the main towns of your country and/or in a touristic area where can easily reach our clients.
  • Owns professional equipment (Full frame DSLR camera, lenses, tripod, editing software etc.)
  • Has excellent communication skills (speaks fluent English, the local language and a 3th one is a plus)
  • Has mastery of editing software
  • Customer caring attitude
  • Knowledge and passion about the place where he/she lives
  • He/she loves the outdoor and has a conservationist approach to life and work
  • Nature/Animal lover
  • Extreme sports enthusiasts

Obviously we don’t require you to be a superman/woman! That’s the ideal candidate! We want you to be yourself and share your own knowledge.

Can I apply even if I don't have experience?

AlterNative positive applications are less than 3%. Alter Native Photo works as photo agency, representing the work of its contributors to its clients.

Our photographers and video-makers has to keep the top standards while working on an AlterNative project. Our clients trust us and our capabilities to match their needs with an high talented professional able to copy their expectations.

We do not work with applicants with no experience although we are happy to discover new emerging talents.

I do not have an online portfolio. Can I apply?

We only consider application coming from the form within this website. We do not consider applications coming in different ways such as: dropbox, e-mail attachments, facebook, instagram or any other social media public or private message.

Facebook and Instagram, as well as Flickr, 500px aren’t considered as official portfolios. Please provide a professional showreel of your work and experience.

Can I apply even if I don't own professional equipment?

We do not consider applicants with no equipment.

How fit do I need to be?

It depends on which services or experiences you are going to take.

Our tours and workshops are designed to be enjoyed by anyone who is reasonably fit.

Keep in mind you will need to carry your equipment, consider your conditions and be clear in the general information of the tour if that’s requires particular training.

For main photographers however our expeditions visit remote areas with limited or non-existent medical facilities so you must be in good health. Factors such as long walks, bumpy roads, dust, traffic, stairs, humidity, delays and unfamiliar customs and cultures also add to the physical toll.

How much does it cost to work with AlterNative?

Zero! Nothing! It’s totally free to became an AlterNative contributor and to maintain the status.


Why should I work with AlterNative Photo?

There are loads of reasons why AlterNative is a great company to work with, here are just a few of them:

  • You are free to decide when you want to work
  • You are free to decide where you want to work within your city
  • You are free to design tours and workshops within your country
  • You can get visibility
  • You can get private assignments
  • Good rates
  • You don’t need to struggle about finding and dealing with clients
  • We care, we really do. – we’re ethical and philanthropic
  • We reward our best contributors in terms of visibility, rates, exposure
  • We have a great support service for our contributors
  • You could have the chance to show your work at our exhibitions
  • You can get discounts on our services
  • You can get discounts on some of our partner’s services

If I work with AlterNative can I work for other agencies too? Is AlterNative exclusive?

We’re non-exclusive so that means there are no restrictions and you can work with other companies as well. The only thing that is exclusively to us has to be the work you submit to us and to our clients: Each work has to be original and designed specifically for our clients. You can’t submit the same work (or very similar) to other companies or selling it for other purposes that aren’t the original one. For not-original works please get in touch to inquiry about our coming market-place project.

If you do choose to work with others, make sure they’re non-exclusive too. And make sure to be available for your scheduled work with AlterNative.

AlterNative does not:

AlterNative does not:

  • mean to cover the full income of your earnings
  • do the job for you
  • represent contributors with no profile
  • represent contributors with no portfolio
  • represent contributors with weak portfolios
  • sale photo experiences you are doing out of AlterNative

What AlterNative does for me?

AlterNative does:

  • Printed advertising
  • Online marketing
  • Support at any stage of the work
  • Tours planning (when required)
  • Booking
  • Customer care and support
  • Have a network of company partners around the world

What type of services do you sell?

  • Photo / video tours:

from one day up to 14 days

  • Photo / video workshops:

from one day up to 7 days

  • Photo / video expeditions:

1-3 weeks

  • Private photo experience:

based on existing tours (same photographer, same location, same calendar)

  • Tailor made photo experience

On request

  • Personal photo services:

destination weddings, private holidays, honey moon, travel and cultural related events, engagements etc…

  • Business photo services:

Services (photo, video, aerials, editing…) for companies, N.G.O., institutions etc.

  • Agency services:

Portfolio review, counseling, marketing services

If I sign up to AlterNative how long does the contract tie me in for?

Our contract is open-ended and shall start from the date of the acceptance of the agreement.

Anyway we don’t tie you into a long-term contract: if you want to leave, you just need to don’t have any tours scheduled and to communicate your decision at with a 30 days notice.


How can I start?

Follow this instructions:
  • Inside the menu of this website you will find the voice “Profile”
  • Clicking on it will open a page from which you will register your account
  • When your profile will be created our staff will take care of assigning you the role, so as to give you access to your dedicated section
  • Wait for our feedback to be sure you can proceed
  • Now that you have received our confirmation come again on our website
  • This time from the Profile voice of the menu you we’ll be able to reach different section, from your own profile to your own customization area.
    • From there you are now able to access your private and public profile.
    • in my profile you’ll see your public profile page (plus some tabs visible to you only).
    • From setting you can change and add information to your profile.
    In the setting page, upload your portfolio considering carefully the kind of service you are looking for.
    • Business photographers/video-makers should upload their best works in terms of commercial, presentations, interior etc
    • While wedding photographers /video-makers should focus their selection on weddings, couples, families, newborn etc. 
    • Experience photographers should represent their locations and the subjects they are going to work with, during their experiences.
    In skills type your main genres you operate within the field.
    Upload your profile picture and your cover photo, add your public/short bio in info and see if you feel to add anything else.
    After this first set-up, the most important section will be, from the overview side, the “Contributors Dashboard“, here you can find all the tools and support for working together.

I've signed the agreement and registered, but I haven't received any proposal yet?

Check if you have uploaded what’s required on your profile.
If your profile or your portfolio are incomplete may be the reason.
It can also be up to our clients, they may have decided to go on another professional, or also, it could be because no one from you area came up to us during the period.
We suggest you to be very careful when uploading your portfolio, remember to always focus on what you will want to do, for example, if you have enough experience and you are lucky enough to live in a touristic place you can do daily tours several times p/year or planning multiple days tours, if you are experienced in the business field you will orientate your activity and portfolio around your commercial works while if you work around weddings and new born you’ll focus on personal services

How many services and experiences should I run?

You choose!

But in order to keep your contract active after 12 months you need to do at least 2 successful days of work p/year, meaning that if you aim to keep and maintain the network photographer status.

Active photographer should run at least 10 successful days of work p/year. They can be daily tours or, in accordance with your experience and the management, 10 services or 50 hours of agency services.

What do you mean with ``contributor status``?

There are 3 contributors status:

  • Main contributors
  • Active contributors
  • Network contributors

The contributor status is defined by a list based on n.of days worked with AlterNative Photo p/year, n.of participants, feedback, reviews and involvement within the company (social media interactions, blog posting etc.) etc.

The status will also determine the right on private assignments.

If not differently specify, new contributors will start as “network contributors”.

Main contributors:

  • One contributor (or more, depending on management decisions) of the active photographers will be chosen, once per year, as photographer main contributor for the next expedition
  • Their work will be displayed at our annual exhibition at no cost
  • First right on private assignments
  • They will be able to design daily tours & workshops
  • They can determine their fees

Active contributors:

  • Their work can be displayed at the final exhibition upon paying application fee
  • Second right on private assignments
  • They will be able to design daily tours & workshops
  • Their rate p/hour is defined during the assignment quotation proposal

Network contributors:

  • They can get private assignments if there are none main and active photographer available within the area
  • Their work might be displayed at the final exhibition upon paying application fee
  • They will be able to design daily tours & workshops
  • Their rate p/hour is defined during the assignment quotation proposal

How can I get private assignments?

Clients use AlterNative to discover contributors based mostly on location, genre and language.

Main contributors first and Active contributors then have the priority on any kind of assignments.

Check the question above to understand contributor status.

Why should I write articles for the blog?

You don’t have to but that’s a good way to make people knowing you, building your image and your credibility.

Let people know what you are good at, share your knowledge about photography and about your country.

Let everyone see and read the best moment of your last tour.

This is the best way to encourage people following you in your next photo adventure.

If you need suggestions, visit our blog or text us at


How much money I’ll get?

How much you’ll receive will depend on many factors, primary your status within the company, the project quotation proposal which considers clients needs and budget, local standard fees and management expenses.

network contributors: local standard fees will determine the photo experience hourly fee. While local standard fees and client’s budget will determine the business and private assignment fee proposal.

active contributors: are a network with bonus based on experience.

main contributors: they can define their rates for each assignment.

Should I pay taxes on my earning?

It depends on your personal tax situation, it’s best to check with your local tax office or your own accountant if you’re not sure.

When and how do I'll get paid?

Once you’ve done the assignment, confirmed through “social proof” and customers confirm they have received what they expected, you need to send us an invoice.

Once we have received your invoice we’ll transfer the money into your bank or paypal account within 30 days. The transfer can take up to 3 working days. (not including public holidays or weekends).

You can also decide to do an una tantum invoice, which is recommended if you do many assignments. Meaning that if you run 3 daily tours within 60 days you can make an unique invoice when you’ve completed the last tour.

How do you build your prices?

Our prices are simple and transparent:

Contributor rate + costs & expenses + AlterNative commission  + marketing + agent commission = final price.

How do you calculate your commission?

AlterNative commissions are calculated based on the involvement of AlterNative in each project and does not include commercial agents and affiliates fees.

What can I do for increasing my profits?

There are many things you can do for increasing your chances to improve your status and get more profits.

First of all we believe that your reputation is at the top.

You can decide to become an AlterNative affiliate, earning commissions and getting a super discounts.

In order to build and consolidate your reputation we allow you to write contents for our AlterNomad blog, as well a strong presence on social media channels linked to AlterNative is another important part. Post news and media from your assignments, tours and activities, share stories and interesting facts about places you are going to during your tours and help other with your photography skills and tips.

What happens if I don't show up at the meeting point or I am late?

We need to guarantee the service our customer have paid for so always be there in time!

If you are late up to 15 min late you will earn 50% less. From 15 to 30 minutes 75% less. More than 30 min it’s consider as you didn’t show up (see below).

If you don’t show up at one of our daily tour or you are late you’ve to pay 3000 euro + what customers paid + all costs & expenses.

If  you don’t show up at one of our multiple days tour you’ve to pay 3000 euro + what customers paid + all paid travel costs.

We will send you the invoice within 48 hours and you have 30 days to pay the full amount. If you don’t pay AlterNative will take legal actions.

The way to avoid that is being responsible and professional!

MEDIA SHARING - Contributors F.A.Q.


In order to represent you and your work we will ask you to share some information with us updating your profile, such as: your professional bio, your profile(s) picture(s), cover picture and, most important thing: your photo and/or video portfolio.
Think about the genre and the target while building up your portfolio.

If you are a “business contributor” you should update your commercial work, business presentation and business portraitures. Focus your attention on the travel/destination and tourism field.

If you are a “private contributor” you should update the works you have done for private clients, in particular: weddings, families, private portraits. Focus your attention on the travel/destination and tourism field.

If you are an “experiences contributor” you should update the works you have done in terms of workshop, photo tour, travel photography and documentary photography involving cultures, traditions, landscapes, wildlife and, most important thing, thinking about the subject you’d like to include during your classes. Focus your on the destination and territory.

AlterNative will only use the mentioned materials in order to promote the contributor’s work on AlterNative social, online and offline channels for the sole common purpose.

NOTE: AlterNative Photo does not represent contributors with no profile, weak profile, no portfolio or weak portfolios.

How do I upload an image or video?

The only way to upload photos and videos through your personal section of your profile.

Successful applicants, after the acceptance of the terms and conditions will get the access to their contributors dashboard

Who owns the copyright on my photos?

By submitting a photograph to AlterNative Photo you warrant that you are the owner of the image, that you alone own the copyright, and that you have obtained any necessary third-party releases. You keep the copyright and you are the sole owner.

What is not ok to upload?

  • Any NSFW (not safe for work) images.
  • No medias in which you do not have copyright.
  • No medias in which you do not have license and/or all the releases.
  • No images that are under a conflicting or restrictive license elsewhere.

Can I upload watermarked photos or video?

It’s better not to use watermarks. Anyway we always write credits on the pictures we post.

If you want to submit watermarked photos make sure that only your name and surname will be displayed. The watermark has to be very discrete and not refer to any website or business.

We always represent you and your work in the best way we can.

TOUR & WORKSHOP - Contributors F.A.Q.

How can I submit my tour/workshop idea?

Not all of our contributors are photo experience contributor. Photo experiences contributors are selected during the application process. However if you have experience in theory and practice of the media, in teaching the technique and you know how to deal with people, you can submit your ideas through the rough the photo experience tab. Feel free to reach us out to brainstorm your photo experience idea!

How's a successful tour?

A successful tour is a tour with at least 4 participants with a majority of positive reviews and/or feedback from our customers and/or from our quality check.

Do your tours include airfare?

Our daily or multiple days tours don’t include any airfare for both, contributors and clients.

That’s may be required for expeditions or tailor made assignments. In that case AlterNative will pay for the contributors transportation.

How far in advance do I need to submit my tour?

The rule of thumb is: The sooner the better. Sooner you submit better result you will get. Time is needed for advertising and sales.

Our advice is to submit as soon as you’ve made the decision, even several months or a year in advance.

There are no limits on how far in advance you can submit but there are limits for how long the tour need to be on-line.

For this reason the management will evaluate your proposal analyzing our marketing plan.

Can I get an example of standard tour?

There isn’t a standard tour!

Let us expand on that, though. We like to say that as a company owned by photographers if we were not running these tours, we’d want to be participants on our tours.

We have high standards, just like you. We love adventure, just like you. We can’t wait to sink our teeth into the next gourmet meal, you guessed it… just like you. We also want to have incredible moments that are shared with like-minded travellers with a passion for photography. We want to visit historic sites, marvel at natural wonders, view epic art, take part in local culture, and celebrate life along the way.

Try to be creative and original designing your next photo experience, and get ready for a momentous life experience!

how many people in each group?

The maximum group size for all tours is 8 participants. However for in location workshop it may be up to 15, depending on subjects and requirements.

Private tours & tailor made experiences are based on clients request.

Expeditions can be different as they depends on other factors.

Some cases will involve also local guides and photographer assistant and/or tour manager (mostly for expeditions).

Which information should I provide submitting a tour?

Inside your personal dashboard you will find a Submit Form.
It’s very important that you provide all the information below:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Title of your tour/workshop
  • Location
  • Dates
  • N. of hours
  • Time and meeting point
  • General description about: places, what you are going to talk about (photographically speaking), what your are going to do during the day, why customer should participating to this tour (including  the level of expertise required (entry level, medium-advanced or experienced photographers)
  • Places of interests and trip highlights
  • Itinerary map (google maps link)
  • Itinerary details
  • Equipment needed
  • Other info or request
  • What’s included
  • What’s not included
  • Photos of the places visited

Which information should I provide submitting a workshop?

Same as for the tour, take a look at the answer above, plus:

  • Subject and workshop highlights and detail description
  • Program and calendar details
  • Equipment needed
  • Additional info or requests

What happens after my tour/workshop submission?

After we’ve received your submission we take our time to check all the information and the pertinence within AlterNative guidelines, goals and mission.

This process will take up to from 3 to 7 working days but we only contact you if your submission is been accepted. This means that if you do not hear from us after 7 working days your submission is been rejected.

If you received a positive response, we may need to plan accommodation, food etc. and this may take up to 15 working days, depending on tour necessities.

We ask you to be available for a skype session and/or additional information.

How can I know if my submission is been accepted?

We will send you a confirmation e-mail in 7 working days where you will find info about how to proceed. We will then process all the information we need and your experience will be posted on our website. This process may take up to several days/weeks for some assignments as we need to organize and plan with third parties.

What happens if my tour/workshop is been rejected?

If you do not hear from us after 7 working days after your submission this means that’s been rejected. Nothing happens! You can still submit your proposal, just double check all of your information, make sure your proposal is in line with our vision and if you are not sure you can ask for advise. We will be happy to help you!

Why my tour/workshop submission may be rejected?

Not all submissions are going to be online.

The most common reason are:

  • The submission was incomplete and/or unclear
  • You’ve been subject of a failed quality control
  • The same (or similar) tour wasn’t successful in the past
  • The same (or similar) tour is ran outside of AlterNative Photo
  • The tour doesn’t match with our way of working
  • The tour doesn’t match with our way of travelling
  • The tour doesn’t match with our mission of responsible tourism
  • You and/or your tours have collected bad reviews from our clients
  • There is no enough time
  • We aren’t able to sell that kind of experience


Can I design a photo expedition?

Only AlterNative Photo with its travel agent partners can design a photo expedition.
Only main photographers can run expeditions.

How do you choose contributors for the photo expeditions?

AlterNative Photo choose one (or more) main contributor(s), once per year, for its expeditions based on: previous experience, clients reviews, level of activity within the company and required skills.

AlterNative might choose within the active contributors also.


How do you do quality control on my work?

The first, indirect way: customers reviews and feedback.

The second, direct way: one of our staff member will join you una tantum during one of your tour. The member in charge of quality control it’s not counted as participant of the tour. The above figure may also be a blogger, a journalist, a travel agent, brand ambassador or any person who has experience and knowledge to cover the role at the company discretion.

The member assigned to the quality control will always identify him/herself at the beginning or in the end of the tour.

What is a quality control?

A quality control is a process by which entities review the quality of all factors involved in production.

  • Elements such as controls, job management, defined and well managed processes, performance and integrity criteria, and identification of records
  • Competence, such as: knowledge, skills, experience, and qualifications
  • Soft elements, such as personnel, integrity, confidence, organizational culture, motivation, team spirit, customer caring and quality relationships.

Quality control emphasizes testing of products to uncover defects and reporting to management who make the decision to allow or deny product release, whereas quality assurance attempts to improve and stabilize production.

How long does it take to find out if I have passed a quality control?

24 hours on average for the AlterNative quality control.

We will communicate with you if we will receive negative or ambiguous reviews.


What's the contributors platform?

It’s the place where you will manage our collaboration, dedicated section on our website designed for the AlterNative’s contributors.
It’s composed by two parts:

  • First, your profile, your portfolio, how you represent yourself to the agency, the entire notwork of collaborators, and the agency’s clients.
    Be sure to upload the best from your portfolio, your bio, your personal image and your cover photo.
  • Second, the dashboard, all the tools dedicated to our collaboration, to know more, take a look at the answer below.

How can I upload my portfolio?

Inside the contributors dashboard you will find a dedicated section,
by clicking on your profile image you will see the voice “setting”,
once there search the voice “widget setting”
inside that area you will be able to upload your personal portfolio, and not only.

Which information are required?

Your portfolio, your personal image and your bio are the most important things.
But remember that the more you upload the more we can share!

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