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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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An AlterNative professional, ready to capture the best moments!


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Remember your honeymoon, not only your wedding.

” Couples often return from honeymoons with photographs, but the quality ranges from blurry selfies to poorly framed shots taken by other tourists. Most end up being of places, with neither person in the picture. Or, one half of the couple will be in all the shots as the other plays photographer with the iPhone on portrait mode. “

In this article even The New York Times agree with us when is talking about all the bad pictures couple get from their honeymoon.

Of course it is not their fault, an honeymoon it’s about living a moment of intimacy more then ever,
you don’t want to interrupt yourself just to take a picture, which of course will not represent the moment you interrupt!

So, just don’t think about it, book one of our professional photographers and let him capture all the best moments of your honeymoon!

a couple on sups floating in front of a pink sunset

Package Details

  • We provide you tailor made services based on your needs and budget.
  • We plan everything together and find the perfect match couple photographer/videomaker.
  • You give us the address of the event, or our travel agent partners will help you to find the right location.
  • The photographer/videomaker comes.
  • You can enjoy your most special holiday knowing that there will be amazing memories of those days!
  • If  needed, we ask to a professional post producer to work on the images/videos.
  • Within the time scheduled we’ll give you all the photos and/or the videos, in the format you asked for.
  • IMPORTANT: You will receive the digital material sooner than the physical one, if required.
  • If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask!

Languages Available 


Depends on the location

Our Professionals

We carefully select one of our professional AlterNative photographers and/or video-makers considering background, peculiarities and skills.
We’ll find the best match for your requests and needs.

This can be a great wedding gift!

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AlterNative is a photo agency with many pre-designed and customizable services specifically for business and privates, including photo experiences as tours, workshop and expeditions. Also, as a photo agency, it helps photographers and video-makers building and renewing their image.

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