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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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On Request


An AlterNative professional, ready to capture the best moments!


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Leave your phone, live the moment, collect the memories.

Remember the best moment of your life!

Are you planning to travel in one of our locations or you live in one of them?
We can provide you one of our professionals to capture your adventure with your:

  • Partner
  • Family
  • Friends

However we can provide you all of our services even if you are part of the big family of the solo-travellers and/or self-lovers!


Stop taking selfies!

With one of our photographers you can just enjoy and he will capture your special moments.


AlterNative provides a full service designed for all needs!

It doesn’t matter for which occasion or in which place you need us, we provide local professional photographers and/or videomaker that will be there to capture and collect for you every single smile, every single kiss and every single tear.
May it be in your house, at an event or, with the help of our photographers, the most amazing spots of the location you are in!


Start to collect your memories!


We provide services for any kind of events such as:

  • Solo trips
  • Couple trips
  • Family trips     ( we cover a wide range of trips, so don’t esitate to ask us anything about it! )
  • Anniversaries
  • Birthday parties
  • Christmas parties
  • Hanukkah parties
  • Religious events
  • Thanks Giving Day parties
  • Quinceañera

and so on…

But there is no reason to leave the idea of collecting your memories just because there is no “events” coming up.
You don’t need a wedding, a honeymoon, or whatever!
The present of today will not be here tomorrow. Capture it!


We give to our customers the chance to narrate their story in the most amazing possible way.

a mom with her children enjoying the water

Package Details

  • We provide you tailor made services based on your needs and budget, making everything happen where and when you would love to.
  • We find the perfect match with our professional wedding photographer and/or videomaker.
  • If you need, our specialists will find perfect location and make sure everything is planned in detail for your arrival.
  • We constantly update you during the planning stage and make sure everything mirrors your expectation.
  • You finally enjoy your wedding, in the place that you always dreamed about, with someone capable to capture the best moment of THAT day!
  • If  needed, we ask to a professional post producer to work on the images/videos.
  • Within the time scheduled we’ll give you all the photos and/or the videos, in the format you asked for, may it be a digital format, to share YOUR day with your family and friends, a printed format, to keep these moments visible everyday, may it be a video for your youtube channel or even a DVD that you will watch with your children in 10 years.
  • IMPORTANT: You will receive the digital material sooner than the printed one, if required.
  • If you need any help just don’t hesitate to ask!

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Languages Available 


Depends on the location

Our Professionals

We carefully select one of our professional AlterNative photographers and/or video-makers considering background, peculiarities and skills.
We’ll find the best match for your requests and needs.

This can be a great gift for your loved ones, help them to capture memories that will last forever!

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AlterNative is a photo agency with many pre-designed and customizable services specifically for business and privates, including photo experiences as tours, workshop and expeditions. Also, as a photo agency, it helps photographers and video-makers building and renewing their image.

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