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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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Photographer: Lilia


Date: 18th March 2019


Starting at: Torres de Serranos, Plaça dels Furs, Valencia, Spain at 11:00 a.m.



Experience photo walk through the Fallas Festival in Valencia.
In the middle of the Mediterranean coast, Valencia city, celebrates each year the final days of the winter and the arrival of spring with spectacular fires and pyrotechnics. From March 15 to 19 (the feast of Saint Joseph, day of the father in the whole country), Valencia is given over to a carnival of bonfires, fiesta, fireworks and a healthy dose of satire known as Las Fallas: the fires.
It will be a street photo session: people, colours, fiesta, fireworks, traditional costumes, music, emotions and a great deal of fun.
We are going to learn how to use our camera the best way and also how to think like a photographer. Being a photographer means thinking, planning and acting so to create a story using photography.


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