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The Fotografiska

The Fotografiska, Image of a tipical Swedish canal.

The Fotografiska

Contemporary Photography Exhibitions from Sweden


During her trip to Stockholm our AlterNomad Simona Bianchi went to explore one of the main photography exhibitions in Sweden.



The Fotografiska is an exhibition center used specifically for contemporary photography exhibitions. Located in the Södermalm district of Stockholm, thanks to the great success of the public, over the years it has opened other structures in London, Tallinn and NY.

The building is a merchant structure from the early 1900s, with typical red bricks, once used as customs. A historic building, therefore, with very modern interiors, created to be used as a real photo galleries. The interior space is articulated on several floors, spread over a total of 2500 square meters and completed with a beautiful restaurant-cafe, from which it is possible to admire the skyline of the Swedish capital and the green island of Dijurgärden.


Opened in 2010, The Fotografiska hosts temporary exhibitions of national and international artists.

Among the many: Annie Leibovitz, Robert Mapplethorpe and Christopher Makos.

The offer of April 2019 was really interesting thanks to two exhibitions with a profoundly different approaches and meanings, but equally capable of capturing the eye and the visitor’s thoughts.




The visit is transformed into a real opportunity of reflection, sometimes necessary to probe the unattainable existential anxieties of the human being, as the Jesper Walderstein’s exhibition shows, other times useful to fly lightly over the most grotesque and satirical aspects of the today’s social and political situation.


The Fotografiska manages to create the best lighting conditions according to the exhibition that’s hosting.

From the intimate and half-light environment of the Jesper Walderstein exhibition the artist’s predominantly black and white works emerge.

Where collages and photography mix with the illustrations and the wise touches of acrylic painting.





A series of images evoke the soul of the Photographer / Illustrator / Creative, divided between creativity research, with unusual techniques, and the artistic process. 


Typical of a carefree childish, but always inextricably intertwined with the awareness of the inevitable epilogue of human life: Walderstein’s strength expression was born precisely from this, from the desire to leave a mark after its end, drawing creative impulse from the inspiration provided by his daily experience.

To understand his artistic intent, an interview, projected in a room that recreates his personal studio. A breathe: solemn and restless environment at the same time, in which shadows and statues come alive, taking mysterious and unexpected connotations. 



No less important it’s the lighting design, which allows photographs and illustrations to emerge from the darkness of the rooms, almost as if they were visions and dreamlike revelations of a man in search of the meaning of life and death.



On the upper floors, immersed in daylight, the exhibition “Truth is death” by Alison Jackson, offers a totally different approach than the previous one.

The photographer, inspired by the glossy, glamorous and ostentatious life of some famous people, proposes, thanks to the engagement of some double, grotesque and satirical portraits. Playing with their intimacy and private life, produces a paroxysmal, mocking and amusing exhibition.


Intent to oust the “Gods of Olympus” from their media throne, it brings them closer to caricatures of the average contemporary man, in which every label of bon-ton are lost in the exaltation of the society of appearance and consumption.


From Trump, who copulates with Miss Mexico on the desk of the Oval Room, to the Queen of England, who hilariously extends by defecating in her royal bathroom, ending up with THE glamorous symbol, Kim Kardashian, who does not hesitate to exhibit her irrepressible figure in unlikely selfies taken during the birth of his own child.



Provoke and play with the contrasts of the modern era.




Being fiercely ironic, the question arises:
is that a mockery or a pity-less criticism of the appearances reigning supreme in today’s society?


I believe that the artist wants us to reflect, at the same time having fun desecrating those who are “untouchables” and offering an interesting starting point to meditate on the dichotomy between the projection of our ego in the era of social networks and the harsh reality of everyday life, impossible to sweeten without the smartphones’ filter.






Leaving the pleasure to the visitors to draw the conclusion that your instinct will suggest!





Visit to learn more about the exhibitions!

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    17th July 2019

    Axwell, Steve Angello and Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia recently announced that they are launching a special photography and film exhibition at the end of this month entitled “Purgatorium.” The EDM supergroup’s forthcoming presentation will take place at Stockholm’s center for contemporary photography, Fotografiska, from April 30 until May 5.

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