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min. 4 - max. 8

Depending on the date the tour will follow different paths.

Introduction to street photography with Ka-Ho.

During this street photography workshop, you will learn not to get bored anymore visiting a new

We will spend most of the time on the street of Amsterdam, focusing on learning how to take
picture of the people from any angles. We’ll talked about camera techniques, equipment,
processes, compositions and of course people. All to make you able to capture the decisive moment.

According to wikipedia, there are around 850 000 people living in Amsterdam, you can’t get bored with street photography.

This workshop is dedicated to street photography enthusiasts with a good knowledge of their
The main subject will be the people.
Bring a camera, a wide angle lens 35mm or wider (if possible), batteries, water and a
raincoat(it’s the Netherlands ). Keep it as light as possible.

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Ask us for an help!

Thanks to our partnership with I viaggi di Mukuku travel agency we are able to help you with accommodation and transports.

For Privates

This tour is also available on request, with a tailor made solution.

On private request this tour is available for 1, 2 or 3 participants.

Photo Credit: Ka Ho P.

  • Destination

  • Departure

    Arti and Amicitae
  • Departure Time

  • Return Time

  • Dress Code

    You don't need to be fit, bring comfy shoes with you, snacks and water, camera, lenses, enough batteries and CF card or SD card, and a raincoat if needed!
  • Included

    City Tour
  • Not Included


H. 1:00pm

Meeting in Arti and Amicitiae. Introduction about yourself, the company and the tour.

H. 02:00pm

Our first stop will be at the Museumplein, followed by the visit of the area near the Rijksmuseum.

H. 03: 00pm

  • Monday and Saturday: After leaving the Museumplein we will walk through the Jordaan district and the 9 Straatjes on our way to the Noordermarkt Centraal.
  • Rest of the week: From the Meseumplein we will reach the near Albert Cuypstraat Market.

H. 4:00pm

  • Monday and Saturday: From the Noordermarkt Centraal we will get to the Centraal Station, walking direction Red Light District.
  • Rest of the week: From the Albert Cuypstraat Market passing through the Red Light District we will walk on our way to the Centraal Station.

H. 5:00pm

  • Monday and Saturday: Reached the Red Light District we will spend our last time together arriving at the famous Dam Square.
  • Rest of the week: Reached the Centraal Station we will spend our last time together arriving at the famous Dam Square.

Free shooting, golden hour.


The tour's map

  • Monday and Saturday
  • Rest of the week
Ka Ho Pang AlterNative Professional Photographer

Ka Ho Pang AlterNative Professional Photographer

I’m a self taught french born Chinese photographer base in Amsterdam since the beginning of 2019. In 2009, after getting a master degree in IT in Paris, then I moved to Hong Kong to become photographer. During theses years, I become a commercial photographer working with different industries like, studio shooting, fashion, food, product, and interior. For the two years before moving to Amsterdam, I had a photography block, I wasn’t happy with photography anymore. But I recently discovered the art of street photography, at the same time reinvent myself and find my own path in photography.