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A revolutionary travel focused photography agency. With our international network of photographers and videomakers we offer photo and video services to business and privates around the world. Alongside a wide range of photographic tours , workshops, photo expeditionsas well as tailor made experiences.

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The excitement of photographing whales and dolphins in their natural environment.

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just off the Ligurian coast, lays the Ligurian Sea Cetacean Sanctuary, the perfect place to experience the magic of seeing these beautiful creatures in their own natural habitat, respectful of their freedom and in view of a sustainable man-animal relationship.
The cetacean sanctuary is a sort of triangle of sea that encompasses three nations: Italy, France and Monaco. In 1999 it was declared a protected marine area with the aim of safeguarding a surface of about 96,000 square kilometres
Thanks to our partnership with Consorzio Liguria Via Mare, we offer a full day workshop giving to the avid photographer the chance to experience the magic of seeing all different species of cetaceans: dolphins, whales, striped dolphins, beaked whales and Risso’s dolphin.
A trip to the Cetacean Sanctuary is the perfect answer for everyone: families with children nature photographers, tourists from all over the world, as well as locals who want to see the wonders of the Mediterranean Sea.
The workshop is divided in two parts: an introduction about naturalistic photography and its approach and a short theory and a 100% practical workshop on board of a modern motor vessel built with the most advanced naval technologies, equipped with electronic navigation instruments. Our partner Whale Watching with the Liguria Via Mare Consortium
Taking part of this photo tour also means taking part of a “naturalistic trip with high scientific value because, during our excursions, the researchers and biologists on board collect data and images that are used for the purposes pursued by the projects we collaborate with.
A marine biologist is always on board ready to enlighten guests with stories, information and details, making the trip not only fun but a learning experience as well”. For more information about visit Consorizio Liguria Via Mare

This experience welcome any level of photographers and it doesn’t require a particular physical training.

During our meeting we will get into a brief introduction about

  • wildlife photography’s techniques
  • wildlife approaches and
  • our territory conservation

While the second part will be completely practical on board of our partner’s sheep, looking for dolphins and if we will be lucky whales.

A 30 minutes online review of the picture taken during the day and a personal feedback from the photographer!

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Ask us for an help!

Thanks to our partnership with I viaggi di Mukuku travel agency we are able to help you with accommodation and transports.

For Privates

This tour is also available on request, with a tailor made solution.

On private request this tour is available for 1, 2 or 3 participants.

  • Destination

  • Departure

    Genoa, Porto Antico Harbor
  • Departure Time

  • Return Time

  • Dress Code

    We highly recommend the use of proper shoes and comfortable clothes, jacket, sunglasses, sun protection and hat against wind and sun.
  • Included

  • Not Included

    City Tour

H. 10:30am

After an introduction about the area,naturalistic and wildlife photography we will pass through some theory, considering the best camera setting for the circumstances we are going to face.

H. 12.30pm

Lunch Break


H. 1:45pm

We will get on board where we will have the chance of learning how to capture in a fast, difficult environment. The trip is from now on mainly practical with exercises and suggestions. The main topics of this tour are: -light -exposure and timing -approach to wildlife photography

H. 6:00pm

Back at the Porto Antico Harbor: Greeting and free for the golden hour!

A Dedicated Plus

With this tour you'll have the chance to discuss about the picture you took during the day, your photo portfolio or both with a free customized 30 minutes online portfolio review with your AlterNative local photographer.
portrait with camera of Chiara Battistini, photographer and AlterNative photo founder. Blue see of Cyprus in the background

Chiara Battistini AlterNative photographer&founder

Hi there! I'm Chiara Battistini, photographer and founder of AlterNative Photo, I'm currently based in London but I was born and raised in this beautiful region. In love with my homeland, I aim to share not just my photography skills but also my knowledge about my region, Liguria, its traditions and its secrets. During my photo expeditions in developing countries I built my travel philosophy based on sharing and learning about different cultures, environments and responsible way of traveling. Empathy and enrichment, paradoxically become deeper when you get out from your safe comfort zone. I focus my research on any expression of the nature and the human being, I’m sensitive to injustice but conscious to the fact that change must start from within. From a pic possibly. Photography became the bridge between two realities and source of enrichment for both. The deepest connection and the universal language over boundaries and borders. On those values I founded AlterNative, orientated on sustainable and responsible tourism, where, off the beaten paths, photography meets the other culture, the other place and other people. After all my mission could be considered a bit selfish ‘cause I would like make everyone learning, loving, traveling, discovering, meeting, enjoying and appreciating their lives as I do. And to do that there is no other way than bring people out there in the most magnificent way. No fiction, no tricks: just the amazing reality that’s out there! So why don't you join me in this photo tour? It's a unique opportunity to get an insider point of view, learning the basics of photography and exploring one of the most fascinating places of Italy! I'm pretty sure you'll not be disappointed!